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My musings, my arts, and myself Welcome to Whichcraft! I'm Jess, and here is the place where I am going to share my many loves with you. I cook; I bake; I crochet; I paint; I will hopefully soon learn to knit. You will be able to follow along with my progress through all these crafts, and that means that some posts will celebrate my stunning accomplishments! But, sometimes, I will share with you my incredible failures. When we fail, we learn, and I take that to heart. I also don't take myself too seriously.  All patterns shared here will either be: patterns that I have found from other bloggers (or Ravelry) that I will provide links to, or they will be original patterns that I have created. When I share an original pattern, I will also provide a link to purchase an ad-free, printer-friendly, downloadable version for a very low cost [NOTE: this is coming soon!]. Always, though, the patterns will be available for free here. Recipes, too, will be available for free (or link