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Update Post Re: All Projects

The Wordy BitIt's all wordy bit and pictures today. My life has been a whirlwind of projects, illness, wellness, craziness, and chaos since just before Christmas. I've got loads of projects going, and none of them seem to be getting done--at least, not fast enough! My baking experiments have been mostly failures, lately...which is very disheartening but! I'm learning. I'm trying new things even when I fail, and I'm making notes (extensive notes) so that I can track my successes and failures. I teased a sugar-free chocolate cake a while back and never came back around to was a mess, and I ate one piece. My husband didn't like it, and I wouldn't even dare give it to my toddler. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Devil's Food cakes, anyway**. This iteration is a modified version of my cupcake recipe. It didn't turn out well, so I made some notes on ways to alter the prep (not the ingredients) and see if that yields better results. However, t…

Ravioli - Baked, Not Boiled

All You Need:For the Ravioli:Bread Crumbs (Panko works best)
Italian Seasoning
1/4 cup butter, melted
10 ounces of ravioli (I use the premade refrigerated ravioli)
Dipping Sauce
Cooking Spray
Baking sheet

Dorian Baby Blanket

Materials:5.5mm Crochet Hook
3 skeins Lion Brand Basic Stitch in White
3 skeins Lion Brand Basic Stitch in Silver Heather 
Tapestry needle