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Knot a Total Loss

It's All Wordy Bit This Time:I've mentioned before that we celebrate failure, and that's a point. No one in my family sets out to fail, but when we do, as long as we can learn from it, we celebrate it. There's no shame or harm in failing, as long as you learn from it. This was my first big "failure" in crochet, and I learned a good bit. Looks quite innocuous, doesn't it?

I was attempting to do what the fine folks at Daisy Farm Crafts have perfected: the plaid or gingham blanket. I followed their formula: a set number of stitches and rows per color, the griddle stitch (alternating a single crochet and a double crochet), and three colors that blend. I even carried my yarn through (for the first time). And that proved my downfall. 
I have a habit of watching television while I crochet, and sometimes that can alter my tension. I was watching something particularly suspenseful for a portion of this blanket, and my tension increased, and I was also pull…

Adventures in Pot Roast

All You Need:Bottom Round or Eye of Round roast (2-5lbs)
Beef Broth
Garlic salt
Instant Pot

Gloves for Me, Not My Fingers

Materials:4.0mm Crochet Hook
5.00mm Crochet Hook
1 Hank Cloudborn Superwash Merino Sport Twist Yarn of each color used
Tapestry Needle
A yarn ball winder is helpful but not necessary. I use this one.
Stitches to Know: CH = chain SC = single crochet HDC = half-double crochet sl st = slip stitch Pattern (written in US terms):Some notes before we start: If using double strands, use the 5mm hook, and use the 4mm only if using single strands. To make custom fit gloves, measure the length and circumference of the wrist. Then, measure the length and circumference of the hand (without the thumb). Single crochet makes a more dense glove, and the increase pattern can be used the same way as it is written below. Just be mindful of your measurements. Also, to avoid a seam, count carefully and use continuous rounds without joining. If modifiying the pattern to a different size, increases should start on the stitch that is one less than half the total stitches (example: if 50 stitches around, the inc…

Better Than Smoked Pulled Pork