Gloves for Me, Not My Fingers


4.0mm Crochet Hook
5.00mm Crochet Hook
1 Hank Cloudborn Superwash Merino Sport Twist Yarn of each color used
Tapestry Needle
A yarn ball winder is helpful but not necessary. I use this one.

Stitches to Know:

CH = chain
SC = single crochet
HDC = half-double crochet
sl st = slip stitch

Pattern (written in US terms):

Some notes before we start: If using double strands, use the 5mm hook, and use the 4mm only if using single strands. To make custom fit gloves, measure the length and circumference of the wrist. Then, measure the length and circumference of the hand (without the thumb). Single crochet makes a more dense glove, and the increase pattern can be used the same way as it is written below. Just be mindful of your measurements. Also, to avoid a seam, count carefully and use continuous rounds without joining. If modifiying the pattern to a different size, increases should start on the stitch that is one less than half the total stitches (example: if 50 stitches around, the increase starts on stitch 24). The pattern below was written specifically for my hands, and my measurements are: 

Wrist circumference: 6.5"
Wrist length: 2"
Hand circumference: 6.5"
Hand  length: 3" (modified to 4" to allow overlap onto fingers and does not include finger length)

Using a single strand and a 4mm hook:

Chain 12; turn.
Row 1-40: HDC in the third loop across (10 sts); ch 2; turn.
Sl st through starting chain and row 40 to join

Round 1: Work 40 sc around the top of the cuff as evenly as possible. Sl st to join. 
Round 2: HDC 40 around; do not join.
Round 3: repeat round 2.
Round 4: HDC 19; 2 HDC in same sitich, HDC, 2 HDC in same stitch; HDC 18. (42 sts)
Round 5: HDC 42 around.
Round 6: HDC 19; 2 HDC in same sitich, HDC, 2 HDC in same stitch; HDC 20. (44 sts)
Round 7: HDC 44 around.
Round 8: HDC 19; 2 HDC in same sitich, HDC, 2 HDC in same stitch; HDC 22. (46 sts)
Round 9: HDC 46 around.
Round 10: HDC 19; 2 HDC in same sitich, HDC, 2 HDC in same stitch; HDC 24. (48 sts)
Round 11: HDC 48 around.
Round 12: HDC 19; 2 HDC in same sitich, HDC, 2 HDC in same stitch; HDC 26. (50 sts)
Round 13: HDC 50 around.
Round 14: HDC 19; skip 12; HDC 19.
Round 15-19: HDC 38 around.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Don't forget to make two for a pair!

The Wordy Bit

There are so many variations that can be done with this! I have started experimenting with color-work with these yarns and this pattern. I'll post an updated version of the pattern with different color-work designs before Fall 2020 (I'm hoping sometime in summer to give you all time to make some!). I've made versions of single-strand sport weight gloves and heavier double-strand gloves. To be honest, the warm factor isn't too different between the two, so I prefer the single-strand. The single strand also makes it easier to adapt the pattern for smaller hands (more on that in a few weeks!). 

The Craft Yarn Council puts my size at a youth large (for an 8-12 year old), which shows that making one size fits most is risky. I prefer to offer custom-fit gloves when I can. It takes a bit of work for the customer, and a little modification time for the crafter, but the overall quality of the finished piece is higher and it is more appreciated. 

As for the one strand versus two, I haven't found much difference in terms of warmth. I will say that the stitching ends up tighter in the two stranded loves, and you actually lose a bit of dexterity in the hands. Here is a side by side. The purple/slate is double-stranded, whereas the plain slate is single. 

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