Is it Junk? Loaded Potato Skins

All You Need:

12 Russet potatoes, washed
Sour Cream
1 lb Shredded Cheese  (I use a mixture of sharp cheddar and the Mexican blend)
Olive Oil
6 oz Bacon bits (homemade or store bought)
baking pan
aluminum foil
food service gloves (trust me)

What You Do:

Preheat the oven to 400°. Cover baking pan in aluminum foil (for quick clean-up). Rub potatoes with oil and prick skins with fork. Evenly lay across the baking pan and roast for 60 minutes (maybe more) or until soft.

Allow to cool, then split potatoes length-wise and scrape the white inner flesh into a bowl (best to do this when still warm, but not hot). Make sure you "boat" 20 of the halves and reserve the best ones. Discard the skins from 2 potatoes.

In the bowl with the potato innards, add sour cream, cheese, bacon pieces, salt, and pepper. Mix thoroughly using your hands in the bowl. (Told you that you'd want those gloves!) Add enough sour cream to make the filling creamy. Once mixed well, fill the potato boats, package in containers (with parchment paper separating layers) and freeze.

When ready to eat, heat, covered, in a 350° oven for 30 minutes. Optional: move to broiler and broil 3-5 minutes to add color.

The Wordy Bit

My husband and I started meal prepping years ago, and with that, we've experimented with loads of things. One thing we've cut completely from out diet is fast food, in almost all its forms. There are certain aspects of bar food or fast food that we miss, so we started looking into doing them our own way. Not only will we know exactly what's in our food, but it'll be healthier better tasting. In this "Is it Junk?" series, I'll be divulging my recipes for these loaded potato skins, jalapeno poppers, and chicken nuggets (or chicken fries, depending on how you slice them). All of the items freeze really well, which works out great for us, because if we have a rough day--BOOM! Junk food night!

The potato skins are really almost full-fledged baked potatoes. They're super yummy and creamy. We originally tried topping them with cheese, but it didn't freeze well or stay on. So, we just added the cheese into the filling. We also slowly increased the amount of bacon and sour cream to achieve the perfect creamy texture. We do broil ours, as it adds color and caramelized the cheese on top. 


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