Scraps into Scrubbies


100% Cotton Yarn (I've used Bernat Handicrafter, Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, and Lily Sugar n Cream Cotton)
4mm or 5mm hook (whichever size the yarn calls for)
Tapestry needle (for weaving ends)
Scissors (I picked these up off Amazon, and they are adorable and amazing!)

Abbreviations to Know:

MC - Magic Circle
Ch - chain
SS - slip stitch
HDC - half-double crochet
DC - double crochet

Pattern (written in US terms):

Make a Magic Circle (or use my shortcut, written under the Wordy Bit, bc the Magic Circle never works for me)
HDC 6 into the MC; ss to join
Ch 2; HDC 2 into each stitch; ss to join
Ch 2; *HDC 2 into first stitch; HDC in next 2 stitches*, repeat around; ss to join
Ch 3; DC around; ss to join
Weave in ends

The Wordy Bit

Substitute for Magic Circle:
Chain 3; HDC 6 in the 3rd loop from the hook; slip stitch to join. Pull the non-working tail tight to close the gap. Simple as that!

This pattern is a quick and easy way to use up any extra cotton yarn you have. Or, pick colors that coordinate your bathroom(s) and make some to display and use. I love these reusable cotton face scrubbies for several reasons: no more wasting money on disposable face pads; I can use them with facial cleansers, toners, or micellar water; the cotton cloths gently exfoliate when used; they are washable and even bleachable, if need be. Best of all, they can be mixed with any loads of laundry you've got space for (and because they're so small, they take up less space than a sock!)

I will warn you that with repeated washing and drying, they may curl on you. This is normal, and they flatten fairly easily. Blocking or drying flat may help, or you can always hit them with a warm iron, if you really want to.

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